Pausing and restarting

Last night I started a 8 hour ish carve. Got about half way through and decided to pause to go home and get some sleep. I went back to resume this morning and the finish screen was up on the laptop. Is there a way to resume so i do not have to stay from the beginning?

No, to Easel the carve have finished.
If, for whatever reason, the USB port goes to sleep connection is reset.

Did you perform a homing sequence before hitting carve? If you did:

  • Dont change the bit, dont remove material from wasteboard
  • If possible, depend on design, use Easel to “block” out previously carved parts.
  • Rerun a homing cycle
  • Start carving again, using the “Use previous Home position (work zero)”
  • Use the speed override button to fast forward pas the already carved code.

Another option, if homing have been performed prior to the failed carve:

  • Edit / delete most of the known carved code from the gocde file
  • Rerun carve with “use previous Home position”