Pausing mid carve spindle will not turn back on

Hi Everyone,

I have an XCP and have trouble pausing and resuming . When I hit pause ( inside the easel app not the x controller box ) mid carve The bit goes up and turns off…I hit resume ( inside the easel app ) and the z axis goes down but the bit doesn’t turn on and I need to abort the carve. Its a real PITA.

I did get it to work once today by using the x contoller to pause ( but then the resume button doesn’t work on the x controller ) so I hit resume in the easel app and it starts up half way in its descent from the z axis )

yes I could do this operation each time but I may forget and snap a pricey bit.

***edit : I cant get the x controller to pause / restart the bit anymore…I’m currently turning off the x controller and replugging it in after 10 minutes.

****edit : resetting the spindle after 10 minutes worked !

*****edit : back to not resuming after pause. :frowning:



so… If I pause mid carve I need to manually stop the program, reset the z and run the carve from the beginning . If the spindle would turn back on after pausing I would just start where I left off without losing anytime.

Ok , So I technically got it to work. After pausing the spindle stops and returns to the maximum height ( same as homing height) then it slowly comes down to maybe barely 1/16" above the work piece , then turns on and resumes carve. I would like the spindle to restart at about 1 inch above the workpiece for peace of mind. I mean why bring it down so low ? With the dust control on I can barely see the bit stop. I would prefer not coming so close to breaking expensive bits or worse. Is there anyway to change the safety height on a restart ? I was hoping the spindle would turn back on at my safety height of 1 inch. ( my origin safety height is 1 inch as well) .

Thanks in advance,

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