Pausing over night

I’m 28% through a big job and well its too late to keep running. I’ve hit pause in Easel and i’m planning to leave the computer on until i get back from work tomorrow. Can i switch the X-carve power supply off or will that loose its place?


The Arduino holds the position and that is powered by the computer USB so you could switch off the power supply. HOWEVER, I do not recommend this as that takes the power away from the steppers and even the slightest bump could move your x,y position and mess up your carve. I would err on the side of caution and leave the power supply on.

I was 50 percent through a 12 hour carve and paused it overnight. Right as I was about to start it again in the morning the power company switched grids and the computer and X-controller shut off and came back on. After a lot of cursing and oh nos I realized it was gone and had to restart. I now have the computer and X-Contoller on a battery backup lol the 159 dollar investment is well worth it. So if your pausing overnight I would suggest a battery backup!

I run it from a laptop so shouldn’t be a big issue for the computer. Are we saying that the X carve power supply must be left on?


It doesn’t have to be but by turning it off you have a huge risk of something moving when and where you don’t want it to.

I hate to interfere …what is “logic” on easel ?