Pausing Overnight

How do I Pause my project work overnight? I am new to program and forum. I find that I am working a project into the night and still have time left, hours, so want to halt in place till the morning. I hit pause, but in the morning the job has ended in place, not completed, and asking me hoe good it did.

How to stop a routing job to walk away and come back to restart it when i am ready.

using cvc yorahome 3018pro. Thank you

I have regrettably done that a couple times. Each time the machine was just the way I left it.

You would need to either split up the job into multiple carves and have a machine with homing, or Pause the carve , leaving the machine on (you can unplug the spindle) then plug it back in and hit resume the next morning.

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Thank you. When I return and try to go back to last position it is always off a little bit. I will just keep trying, thanks.

I will try unplugging. maybe that will stop the termination of the program and let me take a break. I set up a job this morning that said 19 hours… going to need a pause or two in there for that lol

I’ve run a 2018 for 38 hours straight,… it lives inside a fire resistant enclosure though :laughing:

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