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Harbor freight has a good entry level lathe. I have one.

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The problem is that in this design the weggies are too small to fit between the two fences to properly align the fences

You have an excellent idea if the weggies were larger

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You are correct. The two fences only have to align relative to each other. Being square to the blade is not relevant. I going to try some different angle to see how it will look. I also understand that the blade can be tilted as well. Sounds like experiments are going to be fun

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What type of pigment in the epoxy?

@BlueLocktite @PhilJohnson @PhillipLunsford

there is a link to a sled with fixed points in this thread. Any wood turners?

it is the one I use…

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I used acrylic paint

This is a great sled. The only thing that I do not like about it when cutting your wood on the wedgie closest to you there is no support for the wood and it has a tendency to move

added a couple of locating slots to make the wedge perpendicular to the cutting edge

seemed to work well, made my first 10 sided ring out of scrap plywood


Could not resist!

Had to try out my new sled. By the way it works great. And no better way to start than to make my own lathe tools. Never could afford the expensive carbide tools. These are less than $15 each. The three point tool only cost $2 and a little scrap maple. Just have to glue the bowl together and give the new tools a try


Who machined the pry bars to accept the carbide cutters?
I would consider replacing the plastic with maple handles for them as well.

I did all the machining and the tapping to accept the screws. Yes, I plan to put handles on them as well

Interesting I may try that when I get back to turning next … well whenever.

Just finished cutting out some Christmas ornaments for the grandkids. Still need to sand and finish. This is a very quick and easy project


Those looks awesome!!

Thank you. The fuzzy was not bad as it looks. Most of it was the blue tape that I used to hold down the project

Couple coats of paint and all finished. Ready to give to the grandkids


I think its awesome.
Anytime you can do something for the grand puppies its very fulfilling.

Another gift idea. This has a curved back which made it a little tricky to clamp down. Never tried anything this small before

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HD - High Dollar (vs Harley Davidson)