PC wont communicate with Xcarve (RESOLVED)

I went through the whole build, wired everything, installed all the Arduino drivers, installed the Easel local, but when I go through the setup process and choose the COMM port but I cant go any further, I just get the thinking wheel and it doesn’t go anywere else.

Im using windows 7 64 bit. Using a laptop

the only issue I see is when installing the arduino driver I actually went through and flashed the blink program, stupid me, but was able to reflash the original GRBL with instructions I found here…

what am I doing wrong?

There was a post simular to this a while back, Double check in Windows Device manager, what port it thinks your Arduino is on. You could have the wrong com port selected.

If your using windows it may be the same issue I had. You need to turn off or unblock your windows firewall. Type windows firewall in your search box on your start menu it will bring it right up.

That wasnt it but i did figure it out and now everything works fine:
the reflashing process is a bit sensitive :slight_smile:

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I am having the same issues you mentioned here. what was the fix?

I would be interested in knowing what worked as well, I am having the same problem you described.

I had to reflash the arduino with the origional program for the CNC. i think if you call inventables they will help you through the process and i have heard they can do it remote. the process was kinda difficult if your not familiar with arduino