PCB -- Eagle Tutorial

For people interested in designing PCBs I found this two-part tutorial that walked me through using Eagle

After designing I’ll screen grab, convert to svg, and import into Easel.


designed a bunch of PCBs a few years ago,
got the boards printed at OSHPARK: awesome people there.

I guess you could also carve them using carve, but at ~$0.25 per board, I have to ask why you would bother…

Time, having to wait 2-3 weeks and purchase a min of three just sux some times.

Don’t underestimate the value of “Did it myself” :slight_smile:

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Don’t do a screen grab and convert. There is an export to EPS in eagle. File -> CAM Processor change device to EPS and select the layers then hit process job. Open the resulting file in any vector app and covert to SVG. 100% lossless unlike converting from an image.

But agree with Malcolm OSHPark are great for getting PCB’s milled.

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I have used ExpressPCB (not the Plus version)
It allows you to export it to DXF and image.
What it doesn’t do is allow you to create special RF type geometry.
What I need is an application that helps with the design to vector so I can cut it out.

There are a few post about using Flatcam to convert gerber/excelon files to g-code and there is also an online gerber to g-code converter that works but needs a bit of hand editing.