PCB for ATtiny chip programming

My first actual useful PCB! I put a shrouded header for an AVR Programmer 6-pin connector, and both 8 pin DIP socket and 14 pin DIP socket to program either ATtiny45/85 chips or ATtiny44/84 chips. My tools were Fritzing, FlatCAM and Carvey.



Looks great! You should post a how-to.

…now lets talk about your soldering. (kidding!) :wink:

I completely agree about the soldering! I get shaky hands with close work, have never been able to stop it. I posted a how-to over here PCB Milling Success

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I am working on programming some small AVRs myself. Would you be interested in sharing the Gerber files? I have the same programmer.

Absolutely, includes the FlatCAM project and gcode if that’s useful too. Note even though labels are not mirrored the orientation of components is from the other side of the board. All traces are on top layer.

avr.zip (659.2 KB)

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One solution is to use a hot air station. Requires less accuracy and control.

I made one of these awhile back using a Sparkfun Protoshield. It plugs directly into an Arduino R3 so it’s really convenient. Didn’t involve any milling though. Did you mill all of your traces on your XCarve?


On a Carvey.