PCB milling- too deep?

Hello all, Ill keep it short and sweet.
I am making an amplifier board.
Designed in Eagle.
CAM in FlatCam.
Using Inventables .1mm 15 degree pcb engraving bit.
feed rate = 3 inches per minute
spindle speed = 16,000 rpm
depth of cut = .003 inches
1 pass

The end result was alright for my first time, except for some ripped up traces around some really tight places of an ic chip.
If you run your finger over the board its pretty rough.
Am i cutting too deep? Or to deep in one pass? Or to shallow?
I don’t believe it is too shallow because most of my traces are just barely there.
I have heard that inventables pcb’s which is what I am using, have very thin layers of copper.
I didnt want to waste time in trial and error, what do you guys think?

I might just do some trial and error tomorrow especially with trace width as I never thought that would be an issue until now

No PCB-specialist here, but pictures go a long way :slight_smile:
Decent lighted close ups preferred.