Pendant controller

If any one is interested I used a Wii controller to move the XC around. It is handy in that no wires to get tangled, I have all axis and I can get real close up and personal to set zeros.
I downloaded JoyStick mapper and WiiMote to interface.
Works pretty good.

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Does it work when you’re in the “Carve” section of Easel, to set the home position? I’d love to see video of this, and get a list of things to order.

I’ve gone for a PS3 controller on my X-Carve - more buttons and knobs to twiddle than the Wii.



I would love to see both of these and how they work I know nothing about coding but want to learn how to do this?

I’m running Linuxcnc and a Gecko G540 controller so nothing I’ve got set up, translates to be usable with grbl.


oh so you have changed your entire controller I might do this on my new 4 x 8 cnc machine

@WorkinWoods Yes,I was on a tight budget when I got the X-Carve so used as much as I could from what I had on hand. I have a 6040 CNC router that I’d fitted a Gecko to some years ago so just transferred the controller over to the X-Carve. I do have a copy of Mach 3 but being a Linux tragic from way back, found Linuxcnc more to my taste.

Setting up a pendant controller is not that difficult once you decide just what controls you want to use for which function. It helps that there are a lot of very smart people in the Limuxcnc world that are only too willing to help.

Easel is funny that way, it does work depending on what window is currently the focus.
If you are setting the zeros then it does work and one can adjust the increment. Otherwise, no it does not.
I use what came with the XC, the GRBL and I like UGS best so far.
Easel is pretty good but too spread out for functions and too many windows to navigate. Plus results are mixed.
I use Easel to design and place but then I export and edit in GWizardE before I send with UGS.
There are still too many hoops for a smooth workflow.

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