Perfect size holes?

Looking for round holes in a line that have exact sizes like 1/2 9/16 etc etc. Or a program or something that I can use to make a series of perfect holes in a line. Or is it going to be one of those trial and error problems?

Yes. but with the correct size holes. Maybe a way to get perfect size. If I want to make a line of 1/2 holes a line of 20 of them how would I get the right size? Easel cannot do such a thing

You can set th size of the circle from this menu in Easel. Set the width and height , hope this helps.

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I give it a try thanks guys

As far as size of the holes go, you may/should experiment on a scrap piece. For example, wanting a 1/2" hole with 1/8" bit doesn’t always come out exactly right. You may have to fudge your hole size a bit to get it exact. ( .48 or .49 or .51, etc)