Pet tag project help

I wanted to start making pet tags. I am using aluminum but I don’t want to start until i know exactly what I am doing. I have a few questions. What cut settings should I use, do i use something like WD-40, and can I use a 1/32 but to cut it out and engrave it?

I think this old thread might be a good starting point for you, if you haven’t found it yourself already. I don’t have personal experience engraving/carving aluminium, so I can’t say how accurate the information is.

And this person’s engraving results look pretty clean: More Aluminim Engraving

Thank you very much for this.

I started by using WD, then went to just air as it was not as messy. :wink:

I run those on my stock, 500mm machine 0.005" DOC and a feed of 11.

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Your result looks very good!

Thank you. I run just two passes for a total depth of 0.010".

Thank you for your reply. when you cut stuff out of aluminum how do you keep the piece from wobbling around before its done cutting through?

I’ve just been engraving. If you will be cutting, you can use tabs, or some strategic screws if possible. Also, a good trick is tape and super glue. That is discussed on the forum here. Works great for thin stuff.

so i tried it and my bit snapped.

Tried what exactly?

well it made a hole really good but when it went to start engraving an l it snapped.

Hey, that was me!

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Basically what I found is high feed low doc. Cutting fluid does help. these bits have been treating me well
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You trying to engrave pet tags or cut some out? You’d be better off buying them cut already they are super cheap! My parents own a pet store and they have this cool little machine that engraved these. Pretty much a mini cnc. It uses a diamond drag bit and I use a diamond drag bit as well when I tested out for tags

I want to cut them out because I want to do more shapes than what you regularly see.