Aluminum engraving

I am currently running a 1000mm X-Carve with almost no modifications. Dewalt “spindle” set to 1 with a feed rate of 15in/min .25mm DOC. I have significantly better quality when I use cutting fluid. However all the research I find suggests I do not need it. I prefer not to use it as it makes cleanup more difficult. The aluminum is 1/16x1 from home depot. Still very much a noob and just started working with aluminum. Any tips and tricks would be great!

cutting fluid

I use WD40 versus cutting fluid, cutting fluid tends to get messy…

no worries!

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I only use a few drops, it seems to make a big difference. Seems far less messy then spraying wd40. Though what I do doesn’t really clear the chips.

Cutting fluid = better carve, easier on the bit etc.
Necessary? No, not always

I have used WD40, works fine but leave oily residue.
Prefer denatured alcohol as it evaporate entirely, cools the piece etc


Great suggestion, I’ve never considered alcohol (on the part :slight_smile: ) … I don’t mind the WD40, but that sounds much less messy.