Peter Marshman

I am new but trying to master CNC and G codes. I have been hand routing lettering in pine (predominantly) but obtained a 3018 to do a better job. I have used (and prefer) script but all fonts I have found have varied thickness in the letters depending where it is on the letter curves. I have used a 1/8 ball bit as I insert 12 gauge wire into the slot, sand the top of it off so it presents as a metal insert. How can I get around the multiple strokes the CNC takes, making the groove too wide to insert the 12 gauge wire? The CNC will do a great job if I can master this. Anyone?

it sounds like you want a single line font. Easel does not have these so you’d need to use a different graphic design software to create a SVG file of the design using a single line font…
then import that into easel and cut on the path of that line.

Seth gives good advice. These are called “single line fonts” and also “engraving fonts” and “single stroke fonts”. These are popular for some pen based Cricut projects and also for CNC diamond drag bit on glass projects. Software like Vectric’s Vcarve have a few of these built in. InkScape may also have what you need.

You can also look through Google Fonts which has a great number of fonts which are in various degrees of public domain. The fonts below are actually not single stroke, but they are so thin that they may work for your purposes. These have good connection from letter to letter.


Thankyou Seth and Harry. Nice to find someone(s) who understand. I have tried Inkscape but haven’t searched far enough - I will try again. I also came across a couple of instructibles utilising Lilliput putty so I may change my methodology somewhat. This is one of my hand routed boards demonstrating the font I prefer (if the upload worked). PS the answer is look at the punctuation.