Phil's 2.8w Jtech Laser Journey

That’s an old version of the settings (standard 1.0c). I’ll take another look once you can post your current settings.

Cut out with the laser?

Like I mentioned in my post to Larry, I do have his version of GRBL for the Laser loaded on my Xcontroller - I just don’t have a more current pic of my settings with me here at work.

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Ok. I should be able to post the current settings by around 5pm EST

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What Bryan describes sounds like what I mentioned 1 week ago when you started the new thread. I was trying detailed outlines at 140ipm. Unfortunately I didn’t have time for the x-carve since the 3d printer arrived. Will see if I can get a video this weekend I hope

@BryanRussell @CarstenDegenhardt

Ok, I can work with both of you, but let’s do it in the other thread.

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Yes. I have 1.1f

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Larry, have you built your Laser enclosure yet, I want some advise, I am also paranoid about this

Hi Phil, where is the previous video of adding a post processor in Vcarve, I can’t seem to find it

X-carve has not even arrived yet and a laser is on the way now. Awesome info guys.

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Sorry, I missed this. No enclosure yet.

Not sure if anyone has asked this question in here but has anyone tried the 2.8w jtech on slate and if so how did it turn out, very curious as that will decide which laser to buy.

I used the 3.8w from J-Tech…take a look at this and read down a few posts for my thoughts.

Thanks for the info, guess it will be a decision on if I want the build area with the jtech for wood on the xc or the detail and speed of a 40w 12x8 area in a Chinese laser system. Prices are almost the same thinking I would do more wood projects than slate but in Pennsylvania I have access to a lot of slate roof shingles tough decision but thank you for your input

Thanks for all the work you put into your page Phil!


I’m also interested in hearing more about this cone technique.

Hey Phil, I watched your video on focusing your laser, how do you measure your laser dot then? I would assume a digital caliper. Do you measure with it on pointed at a black surface, or do you have it draw a line then measure the width of the line?

I have tried both of these methods and just don’t feel like I’m getting the exact measurement of the dot.

Ok Phil… now that you have had a laser and 3d printer for a bit… if you had to do it again… what one would you get first? Laser or 3DP?

Hey Phil, have you played around at all with taping the surface you are laser engraving to keep the surface around your engraves from becoming charred to remove the need for sanding?

I use Krylon Easy-Tack with graphing paper instead of tape. Tapes usually leave residue that makes more mess. Easy-Tack’s adhesive comes off easily without leaving much residue and I don’t need to sand (used it with Ikea chopping boards for Christmas gifts, JTech 3.8W)