Phil's 2.8w Jtech Laser Journey

I think pretty much like that, Phil, but Jeff handles all the sales and customers. I don’t do money. :grin: So it is all up to him as to the promotional offers and selling arrangements. I’m sure he will clarify if not correct.

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Remember that you can download a demo version of the programs and play with them to see which one you may prefer.

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What I’d like to know on the laser over 3d carving is how you get them lined up? Most lasers are offset from where the bit is, so how do you correct for that difference?

I’m writing up something that will address this nicely, however, I have commitments that will delay me about week.

Sweet! Any details on the dust collection setup in that image? Got my new linear Z installed and been working on mounting the Xcarve dust collector.

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Point or no point, both work.

I do remember something about that, but I just tested it here and it didn’t seem to make a difference.

I don’t know why I made the earlier comment.

There is a dependency to look out for. You have to set the spindle speed values ($30 and $31) before you can enable laser mode ($32).

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The more I think about this I believe this was an issue in version 0.9j for a different parameter.

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Phil you’ve sold me…ordering this tonight…will there be any issues with the cncnewbie upgraded z axis?

Phil, can you output this in .STL form? Looks like it might be two pieces.

What are the dimensions of a bounding box for the mount.

I might try to 3D print this.


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do you have the xcontroller on your x-carve or are you using the demon controller?

also what pc are you running and version of windows?

can you provide basic specs on your pc?

also has anyone else run into the issue of not having enough compute power to run the gcode required for raster engraving using UGS and the controller?


I have run into uses with the jtech and using older windows vista and windows 7 pc

all the x-carve does is stumble all over the place and the engraving never turn out good and I think its a limitation in the computer but I am not sure I am trying to figure that out

oh yeah its weird because it works great with running carving gcode even large gcode files but when I load a laser file it falls on its face

Thanks, Phil.

Those will do nicely.


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depends on the card board your are cutting some cardboard box material is really thick like the 200lbs test material and the corrugated material can cause uses sometimes it will burn before it will cut all the way through especially if your are using a low power laser and slow cutting speeds

a drag knife works well if you use a vac table to hold it down

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The V-Carve tool setup for the J-Tech Laser works quite well (I’ve got the 2.8w). Using the quick etching (?) selection in V-Carve Desktop and select the hatch option (0 degrees) instead of the offset works great. I have experimented with the PicLaser software, but since it isn’t PicEngrave Pro, it’s way slower. Using vectors for a logo I was engraving, the V-Carve setup took about 22 minutes, the PicLaser only solution was about 2 hours.

Will also be looking into the PEP software, have downloaded the demo, but haven’t had a chance to play with it yet.


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I have a HPC 80 watt laser here in the U.K. I have engraved and cut a lot of acrylic. Made a lot of personalised keyrings from clear acrylic.

I’m bettin: that’s not a laser diode.

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Lol, you won the bet. Co2. 4 foot by 3 foot bed. Will cut up to 13 mm ply.

There are current limiting jumpers on the laser control board and a variable pot for fine tuning.