Phil's 3D printer design

I got you. Check your email.

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If you take the measurements of their gantry plates try to rotate them 90deg I assembled them a while back at work and noticed that the orientation matters.

I haven’t looked in the plans so this said is just from assembling experience.

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So I measured it and the holes centers are 59.7mm spaced like in the cad file I’ve saw.

Its a 40x40 rail, are you looking for the wheelbase for a 20x20 rail? I thought you were looking for the 40 wheels base based on your picture.

Phil, why not some linear rails… you can get a 400mm set for under $50

His Snark brings all the boys to the yard
He is like “its better than yours”

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This only makes me imagine Phil sipping a milkshake with a sneer.

…Meanwhile, I want to hear more about this printer.

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It would be a vanilla milkshake. Chocolate is just to cliche.

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What’s the movement rate gonna be like? Some of the intersections strike me as a tad wobbly if stuff is at max height and shaking around fast.

Are you running the stock firmware on your zonestar printer or have you customized it? The stock is set to max print speed of 50mm/sec unless things have changed you might be putting 70 in the slicer but it will only go 50.

The code to read the EEPROM settings is M503.

I use simplify 3D, the IDE serial monitor should work as long as you connect at the correct speed.

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Try repetier host to see the eeprom settings. Looks like the grbl settings and you can also export and import settings

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looking good sir

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I’m concerned with lateral shifting when head is near the top… But I’ve never owned/ran a 3D printer before.

What do you think a couple of stiffening plates?

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Why not direct extruder (rather than bowden?) Might be able to maximize your Z height. Like the bed design. looks great.


Might something to consider when you work with your #4 (extruder placement). Since you are using OB plate for your extruder holder, you can probably get some ideas on some OB-based printers like this one -> Voxel Ox

Either way (bowden or direct), something to consider when you start configuring your firmware for your controller.

Looking forward to the final product!

If you direct drive you can run a belt across the top and loose a motor.

impressive modeling sir


Personal bias ON [ I don’t like Bowden tube designs ] Personal bias OFF.