Phils jtec holder printing

started the laser holder from phil. be done before i know it. guess i should have printed in something other then white with the smoke from laser. Owell.putting my new 3d printer to good use.


Hey Phil,

BTW thanks for making the files available.yea using a fine option of 1 infill 20% my pla works good at 210 and 60 bed. yea first piece is strong and even upped just a little on other 2 parts. main piece is sitting at 10 hr print think left side was 3.5 hrs. still figuring out the shield part i use both cura and simplify3d for slicing. just not sure which i want to use for supports.

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here is a video of the left side that i did for fun.

I love watching the spool spin in the background… hairspray for the first layer?

yea good ole Aquanet. works like a charm so far

I have the CR-10S 4, I tried aquanet but ultimately swapped out the glass w\ a mirror and I use the purple glue stick.

I installed the EZABL kit last week, I should have done it from the start. The first layer is like butter now, no more messing with knobs and paper.

thanks phil will use the v7 then

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yea i did mirror but you know i retried glass came with it and with aquanet have not looked back. i print all kinds of things i just have the creality cr-10s the 300x300x400 sofar has worked beautifully from day one.