Phil's linear rail Z axis upgrade

I had to modify mine as well, but it was really just a matter of drilling a few holes to line up with the existing holes on the X-Carve.

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Sounds easy enough.


yeah i don’t know why they’d specifically say it doesn’t work on an xcarve.

I mean if you buy this thing, it is not a stretch to imagine poeple know how to drill a couple of extra holes…

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I emailed them and asked why the statement was added.

I also asked them which mounting method (K2CNC or Probotix), as it pertains to the linear slide, is preferred.

I’ll post any response that I get.



“Yep, some seem to think it’s a bolt-on part for an x-carve machine. It doesn’t have holes drilled/tapped for it. I assume anyone who can make it work can tell just by the pictures, but some don’t have access to tools to make holes, so it’s better if they think about it before making a purchase. Other ebay sellers will make holes for free, but we no longer do that here…”

I don’t think he understood my mounting question so I’m going to rephrase and ask again.

On another note, I’ve found what appears to be like some direct replacement spindle mounts that appear like they will bolt right on to the linear slide.

They aren’t necessarily cheap, but they seem to be K2CNC style mount which the linear slide is drilled/tapped for.

Benefits: Bolt-on adapter, spindle mount can be changed to support other routers, tramming adapter available for easy tramming

Cons: Cost.

I’m still planning my upgrade.

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And a response about mounting method (the K2CNC method is the one everyone here has done):

"I think it’s mostly a matter of personal choice.

I personally like it the way it is in the K2CNC picture you sent. I never cared for the way Probotix does it, but it has worked very well for them for a long time.

I do personally like to keep the weight of what’s moving up/down to a minimum, so I use them the conventional way myself.

Most of my Z assemblies are used on plasma cutting machines and those guys do them both ways. I never of hear any problems with either of them, so I guess it works as well either way."


So everyone that got the ebay Z axis, whats the final verdict, is there any play at all in the unit itself?
I want to get last plastic wheels out of my rig and I can’t afford my dream cncrouter parts z-axis 700$+…


I’m not very familiar for these upgrades Phil. Just wondering have you seen this C-Beams. 250mm for $97.50.

This is actually what I’m looking to upgrade from, it served me very well but with my Pinion upgrade I feel like even with the solid wheels that is my choking point now.

This one has been recommended to me as well but prices are climbing fast for sure:

Hi all,

I had one also for almost a year now. i agree with phil, its stronger then the standard one but worth that price I don’t know.

Most off all the upgrades we do is to make it stronger to do heavier and faster cuts.

these week I Upgraded my Zaxis also. But my machine isn’t a X carve anymore :slight_smile:
Its quite a bit bigger and much stronger. I cut these assembly plates from 15mm tooling plate aluminium at 2mm pass and 8m/min feed rate. So you cant compare.
All these also rack and pinion, so you need strong enough axis otherwise it bend

But If you upgrade your machine for … dollars why don’t upgrade to a strong Z axis. All these materials cost me around 250€; ok I few evenings off drawing and make it first in Mdf before I made it in Alu

I will post pictures after the weekend completed

Grtz Koen



That looks very good, look a lot like some of the Parker ones I seen that go for around 500$
Please keep us updated how well it work, this might very well be the direction I would go as well.

Here is the link to what Phil mentioned:

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It also weighs 6 pounds without the Z motor.

Yep - not putting it on my x-carve but a new build. It is much more solid than the microcarve one. I think just swapping the rails used by microcarve for ones that are easily maintained would be good.

I just mounted a 4# linear slide with a Hitachi 12vc router attached and ended up with between .0015" and .002" of sag in the x axis. On the other side I mounted another 4# linear slide with a Makita 700 with no sag.

I have two X carriages. The working distance is around 23 1/2". I’m also running Mach 3 so I can control all axis’s.I will only, of course, only be able to run one carriage at a time.

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It’s going to be kick-■■■. It is almost tailor made for V-Carve desktop with it’s 25" by 25" limit.

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Hi All

For the people who want photo’s of my mean machine :blush:

Size Y axis 180cm X axis 150cm all made of aluminium rail 80160mm and tooling plate 15/20mm.
For now it runs on Gecko G540 But next upgrade is Leadshine 5 drivers X, 2
Y, Z and A axis. But these can handle up to 80 volt and 7Amps
My Y axis have two Nema 34 motors.
All weight around 150 Kg complete.Gantry only around 40/50Kg

There’s only need a top on the aluminium table. That’s why the sides are a little higher than the middle. It’s just 6mm, so I take a 6mm Mdf. When it’s all gone I just redo the MDF.

Now a few small things the limit switch on the Z axis and the led strip under the gantry , reconnect the air hose and a few small things. Then it’s time for a decent test. I have some scrap alu gonna take some heavy cuts to test.

If someone have questions please ask :slight_smile:
I don’t post that much but try to read few times a week.

Grtz Koen


Ordered it after I manage to break Nema shaft somehow today and have to wait for new one now anyways

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Phil, did you drill the hole in your gantry with it still on the machine?
Just wondering…