Photo V Carve 1st Effort

I just pulled the trigger on purchasing Photo V Carve. I had downloaded the trial and did a quick trial with the samples included. Then I pulled in some of my person photos and simulated them, since the trial version won’t let you actually do your own projects.

I only had a 60 degree v bit on hand, and got a decent result I think. I have since ordered some 3/64th ball mills, so I can do finer detail in future projects.

This software is stupid simple to figure out. I’m sure there is a lot I can learn, but from purchase to install to finished piece in less than 30 minutes time is pretty damn nice. This is simply stained at this point. Needs a sanding, sealing, etc.

(also, that spot on my mouth is a knot in the Poplar that I used.)


Good job!

… or a famous german person. Or was he austrian? Doesn’t matter you know who I mean. I would redo it just because of that unlucky reference.

Nice job though.

Yeah, it’s not a keeper. I just wanted to try one of my own photos to see how it turned out. There are no goose steps in my future. :slight_smile: