Photo vcarve and post p files


Last night I downloaded the trial software for photo vcarve and went through the whole install process. Well I selected a file to give a try at and when it came time to choose the post processor there wasn’t a selection for my machine. With the help of a friend and fellow Marine on facebook, a post processor file was located from the forum here, I downloaded it and placed it the file with the rest of the selections of post processor’s for photo vcarve. I rebooted and went back to the sample selection and still the downloaded post p doesn’t show up.

My question is this, is this file only available for the full version or can it be used with the sample/trial version? And if so, how do i go about fixing or getting this to work? I would really hate to buy the software and then not be able to use the software for my machine.

Any and all help greatly appreciated!


I suppose you have found where to put the PP file…
I suppose you used the shapeoko PP file,

you then got a message saying some stuff is not compatable.

well I compared the GCode_inch.pp and the GCode_mm.pp to the shapeoko_mm.pp and the shapeoko_inch.pp and erased the lines that where different, keeping only the

line 65 “G20” / “millimetres”
line 65 “G21” / “inches”

there were a few lines to remove, just open both files in notepad and compare them, I use the Programmers File Editor as you can open two files side by side its freeware and can be found if you google it, its really good…

regards Neal

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Hi Neal,

Yes I was able to figure out on my own as to where to place the PP file. However I do believe I may have seen the PP file for the selection you mention, but didn’t think of trying it. I guess what I am trying to find out is,…is there a specific PP file for the xcarve system?

Check out our PicEngrave Pro 5 image to gcode program. It does not require a PP, is less expensive and can do more. It even has an image editor built in.


There are 2 specific Post Processor files for the X-Carve that Vectric’s software use.

There are video tutorials on their website on how to install these Post Processor files.

If you downloaded V-Carve Photo recently then it probably already had the PostP files installed for the X-Carve. You’ll just need to select them when creating your g-code files.

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I dl and uninstalled several times and nothing, no post processor files for the xcarve. Still trying to figure this out with the help of several members. I do appreciate it!

There is PP files for PVC & X-Carve posted in this thread.

Hi @ReneMorales

Here is what you’ll need to do:

To use these post processors you will want to follow the instructions on Vectric’s page here:

On the Preview & Save Toolpaths page, be sure that when the design is complete and ready to machine, select the X-Carve post processor and save the toolpath ready for cutting.

After you get the Toolpath in a g-code file, you can send it to the X-Carve with Universal Gcode Sender or ChiliPeppr.

Hope this helps.

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