Photocarving problems with Easel

Hi all,
When I send a svg file to easel and prepare it to be carved, no problem.
I setup Easel to carve the way I want but on pictures with a lot of detail, when hitting Carve, after all checks, Easel starts simulating the toolpaths and when the x-Carve should start carving, Easel doesn’t send anything to the machine and the Carve button goes green again.
in the machine inspector, I have errors : erorr lock.
Even when importing a gcode file for that particular image, after hitting the carve button, the progress bar appears but nothing happens on the x-Carve.
For smaller projects, the x-carve does the job.
here is an example of pictures I carve

What are you creating your g-code in, easel or a different program and importing to easel. It sounds like there is some code in the g-code that easel (or more accurate GRBL) is not accepting.

I’m using Easel to generate the g-code.
until end of last week I was only using Easel to work with my x-carve. since these problems, I’m using UGS with g-code exported from Easel
The strangest thing is that when I export the g-code from easel and open it in UGS, it works fine.

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when you export is the file larger than 5 meg

that what I was building up to. either to large of a file for the browser our to many nodes for the browser to handle.

My files are usually not larger than 5mb but the one I show in the beginning of this post is.

I would read PhilJohnson guide on cleaning up nodes in svg vector files located here. it has great info and PhilJohnson has really done a lot to help everyone who uses these programs. by the way even if you do not use Inkscape it is a great program to use to clean up svg files and prepare them to use with easel.

I tried Inkscape but easel could not open the svg file. I also tried to open the svg file in illustrator and there I couldn’t open it either. I will try the simplify option in illustrator.

Definitely check out Phil’s post. He links to a Youtube that can help, look for: “HOW TO GET A CLEAN IMAGE TRACE IN INKSCAPE” in his link above.

Once you have a clean svg it should import into Easel without any issues through File, Import SVG.