Photogrammetry best software

What is the best Photogrammetry software
Im looking for something easy to use but with alot of tool options.

certainly not the best, but fast and decent starting point is

I left a link to carveco that I use in your other thread & it basically does the same thing as the above website when one loads in a photo…

personally I prefer to generate a true 3d STL using a phone app and a 3d scanner if the item is small enough… I think the newest Samsung and Iphone can do it automatically due to the 2 offset camera lenses… AND i know many ppl who use a Xbox Kinect to scan objects to 3d STL models…

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I follow “switch and lever” on youtube. He recently did a 3 software comparison video where he shows speed, quality, ease of use and cost.

This is his video. How to Copy a Flamingo using 3D Scanning - YouTube

One of the things he did was to use stock photos of Michelangelo’s David to create a 3D model so be warned that the scans are faithful to the source material if you are sensitive to nudes.

That is impressive.
Thanks for the link.

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