Physical dimensions of 1000mm X-Carve

My gifted X-Carve is on order. While I wait, I need to create a home for it. What are the actual overall physical dimensions of the 1000mm sized X-Carve. Obviously, 1000mm rails, but I believe the gantry extends beyond that on all four sides, but how much?

I’m surprised this detail is not on the web site…at least I’ve not been able to find it their or in these forums.


It was discussed here.

Yea I looked for these as well and couldn’t find them I think the safe measurement is 48x48 , I too would like to know the actual dimensions including stepper motors and drag chain overhang from the 1000x1000 mm frame on all sides

4ft by 5ft slab granite and im wanting more space

The table I made for my future X Carve is 4ft X 6ft.