PicLaser and Vectric Products

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if anybody has figured out how to generate some GCODE with PicLaser and importing it into other piece of software. I use Vectric products an would like the ability to better manage the location of the picture, text…

I would like to hear about your process if you figured this out.


Just use a photo editing program like Gimp or Inkscape to add/position text to your image and then bring it into PicLaser to generate the gcode.


Wow I didn’t think of that. So simple. Great idea

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I got to thinking. Say I wanted to Laser etch the shape of a heart, Picture of my family laser etched with piclaser inside. How would you cut out the heart ? I wouldn’t want to have the heart on a rectangular slab of wood.

My current way I invision of doing this is to:

  1. Laser etch the picture using piclaser ( after being modified on ink scape)

  2. using the black outline piclaser creates, zero of the lower left and create the shape in vectric to cut out

Those this make sense to you or am I over thinking this?

The X&Y zero place of your laser engraving would be lower left, so by using the Engrave Outline would give you a reference to set the spindle’s X&Y zero place. A V-bit would give you a fine point to visually line up on the intersecting burn lines. Sounds like a good idea to me.

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thank you… Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t working harder than required.

The first time you do this, write down the X&Y distance from center of the laser’s beam to the center of your spindle, so you don’t need the burn line the next time. Just jog to that X&Y offset position and zero the axis’s.