Picsender issues

I just rewired my machine after installing Phantomm’s screw upgrade. Now for some reason when jogging the machine in picsender I can only jog any direction once then it wont jog that direction anymore until I go a different direction…

For example jog 1 inch X- , if I try to jog X- again it will do nothing, but if I got X+ it will jog but then I cannot do X+ again but X- will work.

Doesn’t really make any sense to me.

Reinstalled Picsender and seemed to fix it. Disregard

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Thank’s for that, I am also installing Phantom’s screw drive at the moment, and I use Picsender, so if I have that problem, I have the fix

Most likely grbl got set to G90 mode somehow. PicSender has a button to toggle between G90 and G91 modes right next to the jog buttons.


Gotcha! Good to know! Thank you.

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