Picsender question / sugestion

Currently when you open it up it locks into the center of your screen and you cant really open anything else up next to it.
I would like to see the control window movable and resizable so you can put another window next to it.
Any thoughts?

I believe that would be a suggestion for the guys over at

PicSender will go into the background, so you can open up another window full screen in front of it. To bring PicSender back to the front, select the PicSender icon from the task bar. To bring the other window in front, select it’s icon from the task bar.

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Good morning Jeff,
Yes I know that , but sometimes I work with two windows next to each other.
That way I can be working on something else while keeping an eye on picsender.
Just didn’t know if you ever received this request or not.

We lock PicSender on the screen so the streaming can not be interrupted. This may not matter much when running a spindle, but it does when using a Laser.

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Thanks for the explanation.
I just figured out, I can go with a separate monitor too.