Picture guide for making the ripple look

Are you talking about doing something like this? It appears that the ripples have constant increases in their radii (which makes sense, the time period would be constant) so that’s easy. If you ignore constructive/destructive interference, you can just make them all overlap when carving. A large bit like 3/4" will make nice, smooth rounded bottoms, but the tops of each wave will be squared off. You might be able to easily fix this by sanding, which will naturally ease the edges. Using G-code to make rounded tops with a round bit will be more challenging.

BTW, this is from Brian Oltrogge, who also made a great video about CNC carving a mold for casting aluminum.

Yeah, I saw that image in my Google search. Now I understand your CAD drawing. All of your Venn diagram depth/spacing combos leave a peak. What if you scooted them further apart to leave a flat top and then sanded that? It would also leave the table more in the same plane.

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