Picture Laser program

What program are you using to Laser picture to a piece of wood?

I use LightBurn, works really good and lots of features

I have light burn. Does it do pictures with different shades? Or just straight black. Looking for something for the ability to do something like this Laser-Engraved-Mustang

I have seen images and videos of people doing this on tile, so yes Lightburn could most likely handle something like that. I wish I would have book marked some of the YouTube videos I watched on doing just this. if you do a YouTube search on laser etching tile it will be close to the same principal.

My late associate, Jeff Woodcock, did that one using PicEngrave Pro and PicSender.
See: www.picengrave.com .

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I saw this. When I downloaded the demo/trial windows asked me for special permission .Net windows access . So I stayed away. I’ve recently installed vcarve and simplify 3d on my computer. Didn’t ask me for anything special like that

Windows 10, I bet. All of our software is checked with Virus Total, which uses 60+ individual anti-virus programs to assure safe.
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+1 for Lightburn, great software for the price!

I have the NextWave Automation Moray Ready2Laser unit. It comes with its own picture software.

If you are interested in having some color in your laser images, check out these videos.

Color in picture is nice. Just FYI here is a test piece, just using Lightburn and importing a picture. But I did have to slow the laser down from the settings that automatically popped up.

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I use Litefire and Lasergrbl, took a.while to get the hang of things but think I am getting there

Got it to work with Litefire .

These look great. Well done.

This one looks good, I like Litefire, I trying to broaden my horizons experimenting with glass, slate and perspex

+1 for Lightburn. I use it for both my diode and CO2 lasers. Very user friendly. Great features.

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