Pinewood Derby Cars

looking to do a pinewood derby car on my x carve.
looking for ideas
thanks again,

Here’s some

It’s been 2 years since we aged out of Pinewood, but before that we usually 3D modeled the cars and printed out a prototype. That helps the scout understand what cuts need to be made and how the block is to be shaped. The models then went up onto Thingiverse. Many of the designs require cutting the pinewood block and gluing parts back together in different ways.

I originally got my X-Carve for doing PWD cars. Alas, I ordered my X-Carve back in 2016 and have never actually made a car. Plenty of other things, but no car. :frowning: What my plan was to design the car in 3 pieces, the original block would be the center, and two blocks to widen the entire car. The two blocks would be mirrors of each other and would lay with the inside face down to the wasteboard. The original block would be carved separately from the top down. Then, they’d all be glued together. Easy peasy. I could also do some initial carves on the underside of the middle block if I needed to, before the downward carve on it, making sure to leave the majority of the bottom flat for stability while later carving the top. Thoughts?

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You can always make a reverse “mold” of the bottom and nest the bottom into it for the upper carve. This way you can do all kinds of shaping on the bottom and still be able to locate it on the wasteboard for the top detailing.

trying to cut this x carve. how would i do this
thanks again

Michael, If you are just cutting a wedge then it might be easier to make this cut on a bandsaw or with a hand saw.

If you do this on your xcarve you will have to use 3D cutting path which would take a great bit of time. I am not saying it can’t be done, I just don’t think the CNC is the best tool for this job.

Lets wait for Seth to weigh in on this post and see if he has a solution I am looking past.

I didn’t even think of the reverse mold idea. Hmmm. The designs I had in mind always had very little going on down there, just some lower cowling stuff and the bottom of the rear bumper. I did think that if I ever needed to do more down there, I thought I would rip the block in half, a top and a bottom, carve them separately, and glue them together afterwards. I will definitely keep the mold idea in mind. Thanks!


just trying to cut at an angle

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