Pinewood Derby Trophies

So…after breaking one bit- seriously, completely stopped thinking and tried to cut 1/4 in acrylic with a 1/32 in bit tooo fast:) Now cutting acrylic trophies for my pack’s Pinewood Derby. 6x8 1/4 panel, with a 2x2 oak base carved to hold an LED strip- lease how it goes!


Love to see them when you’re done, we just finished our derby last week and I was commenting to the wife how I needed to make some nice looking trophies since all we hand out is ribbons…

This is the first protype- mounting in a 1.5x1.5 base,I had that wrong before, and cutting a full-depth slot plus recess to hold the led strip.

Last year I used my dad’s laser cutter, so I had to up my game:)Uploading…


Looking forward to seeing your finished product. I am very interested in getting into acrylic engraving like this :slight_smile:

A few more shots- the kids loved the trophies, and the parents perked up, too:) not sure what to top this one with next year:)