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Ping Pong Paddle - made with super gradient app *UPDATED*

Created a Ping Pong Paddle using @EthanKinney’s Super Gadient Generator. With Ethan’s help I was able to get the perimeter of the handle to carve properly. Here’s the updated project share that cuts perfectly!


Are you going to cut the round part lower too?

Be sure to post pictures when you’re done!

FYI, i recommend you do a full depth around the handles:

otherwise you’re bit won’t actually carve all the way down the gradient. If you were to do just an 0.15" offset around your lowest layer that should be sufficient:


I was looking at your file and noticed a few things. First, the material is only 1/2in thick, isn’t this a bit thin for the handle of a paddle. Unfortunately I don’t have one to measure, my son took the ping ping table and accessories. Second, this has to be machined on both sides and I don’t see registration holes so you can flip the material while keeping proper alignment.

According to a dimensions guide for Table Tennis paddles, found here:

The board is .25" thick with each side of the handle at .30" thick. When you combine two handle sides and the board sandwiched between, you get a handle depth of .85", the minimum depth allowed. I have small hands so this fits me just fine.

The middle board doesn’t have to be carved on both sides, it’s just an outline cut of .25" thick all the way around. I’ve been tweaking the design a bit based on @EthanKinney’s suggestions and will update it AFTER I cut one out to ensure it’s precise.

Very cool. Please post pics when you’re done.

Carved the paddle portion (easy). Easel crashed when trying to calculate the gradient slope paths. I’ll try again soon…busy busy with lots of other projects.

Using the Super Gradient app, I cannot figure out how to get the end of the gradient to go all the way through the depth of the material.

I specify start and end depths in the app and if I use 10mm or 20mm for the depth, it will carve at most about 5mm deep.

I want the gradient to go all the way to the sides and through the complete material depth which will be 10mm.

@EthanKinney any ideas?

EDIT :: It all comes down to bit size. If I use a smaller diameter bit, then the depth is able to go down through the material. However, using a tiny 1/32" bit extends the carving time since it’s MUCH slower to carve.

Hi @Traxxtar,

You need to offset your lowest path to allow enough space for your endmill to go all the way down the gradient.

Here is a side view: The left side describes your current situation, the end mill can’t go all the way down. On the right there is an offset around the shape to allow the endmill to reach all the way down

Hope this helps!

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UPDATED New project ‘share’ added to the original post above. Enjoy!

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Looks pretty nice!

Looks cool. How long did you make it?