Pirate treasure box

Interesting concept, can’t wait to see the finished product. What type of glue are you using?

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The wooden hinges are perfect!

It must have taken forever to cutout all 13 pieces. The different grains are going to look really nice together after it is finished.

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Looks great, can’t wait to see the completed project!

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Two of my favorite things, CNC & pirates! I’m dying to see this finished with the files! Sweet!:sunglasses:

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What about a couple of alignment holes for 1/4" wood dowel?

Sorry. A registration hole on each end of the slices would allow you to slide them onto alignment dowels so they’d all line up perfectly. Once glued up, you cut the dowels off flush and sand everything smooth.

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I did this stacked box using dowels to align the layers. The bottom dowel hole goes half-way through. I cut and sanded flush to the top layer.


The end pieces contain the inside slice profile, so just put the dowel in the overlapping area. @AngusMcleod brings up a great point that the registration holes only have to go part way into the end pieces from the inside. The dowels can be cut to the proper length just prior to gluing the last end piece on. SWEET!

Seems like a shame to paint it, maybe a coat of tung oil or some poly

Yes, I took a perfectly nice Ikea desk top made from pine and distressed it with a grinding wheel, blowtorch, drill and even banged on it with some chain and for the first time in my woodworking career, purposely put coffee ring stains on it. Now it’s a perfectly respectable pirate bar…

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nice project ! i’ll follow it !

I really like your box as well. Any chance of you sharing your project files?

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Have you tried applying a wood conditioner first and then wipe an oil based stain on while the conditioner is still wet? It will really make a difference in how uniform and light the stain will appear.

Some people like to use a 50% mix of dewaxed shellac let it dry and lightly sand then apply the stain, and the end grain will take the stain about like the flat grain does.

Either way will make the endgrain stain well.


FYI: Michael’s (or whatever your local craft chain may be) has Martha Stewart Glow in the Dark Paint that works pretty good. (I have been using the Decoupage Paint for outdoor props with great results)
I found that 2 coats was about the same as 1 coat of my expensive “pro” GID paint I bough on-line (and about 1/4 the price)

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I would love to share the project file, but I have deleted it, it was just a quick test. Sorry.

Love it @PhilJohnson!

I’m gonna cut a coin slot in one of the lid pieces to make it into a piggy bank! Thanks for sharing the files. I think I’ll only use the two outside dowels though. Also, what about a pic of the finished product?

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Cool box Phil. Maybe just a little carried away with the heat gun.

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