Pistol grips

ive been looking at duplicators but not very happy with what ive found. im aware this isnt a copy machine but is it possible to copy the grip than cut it on the xcarve

The machine can’t copy anything… You’ll have to design it.
It can cut them though.

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You might try the following…
Many grips have a flat side where they attach to the casting. If you have one of the printer/scanner combinations, you can lay the flat side on the scanner bed and get a scanned image. With a little work with some image software, you can get a good SVG of the grip profile. This would be a good starting point for 3D modeling software like Blender.

X-carve does not ship with a touch probe, but other machines like the CNC Sharks have that as an option. With the touch probe installed, the CNC runs a grid pattern over the object placed on its bed, raising and lowering the probe to get a set of 3D points describing the shape of the object. You might be able to find someone in your area that has something like that.

Finally, you can google photogrammetry. There are a number of free options and web based solutions that might be able to piece together photos of the grip taken from different angles. It might produce serviceable results for a shape like a pistol grip.

You might also engage the services of a skilled 3D modeler by searching through Etsy or Fiverr.

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