Placing design in the stripes of American Flag

I am trying to design something similat to this RN symbol on the flag file I have. How do I get the stripes to stop at the edge of the logo. I have tried to break the stripe and “hand draw” the border in but it doesnt look even. Very new to this, may be way above my skill set for now.

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You’d need to use the combine function with an offset vector of the design.

Here i made a little video showing the process a while ago for someone else… this shows the process …


This is EXACTLY what I was looking for thank you Seth!!

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Are you using a flag from the easel design library and if so which one? I cannot seem to find the one you are using and I like that one.

Flag i use is here, theres a svg download link in the video description.

Thank you very much!

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I bought SVG files on ETSY of my American flags and works great.

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