Placing order

Right guys just about to put my order in for the x carve 1000x1000 going for the fully loaded, EXCITED… Just wanted to ask is there anything I should not add on to the fully loaded package which you guys feel you didn’t need after receiving order also I have the Makita RT0700CX2 is this router going to fit the x carve??? any comments will be much appreciated

IF it’s available, I would STRONGLY recommend the X Controller over the stock Arduino \ GRBL shield.

The advantages of the X Controller, in addition to the fact that it’s in a nice metal enclosure with fan, EStop button, feed-hold button etc… is that it comes with a driver for each motor, as opposed to wiring both Y axis motors to the same driver and sharing amperage.

There are a ton of people with issues in the past that are attributed to the shared Y motor configuration, and videos on how to “tweak” the current to make the motors work successfully under load or long-run carves.

All I had to do was plug in the controller and start carving, I’ve never had any issues like those others experienced to the Y motor driver.


Second this strongly, in fact I’m not sure whey they’re even still selling the old controller, it’s not even much cheaper. Aside from the discrete driver for the second Y motor, it’s already got the connectors broken out for spindle control (you just need the relay), pause/resume, and probe. The fact that you don’t have to fuss to implement these is worth the cost difference, and it’s much neater with wires only going in one direction out of it. And while you’re getting started you’ll probably appreciate the big red panic button. My stock controller lasted a little more than a month before I decided upgrade to the X-Controller.

While you’re ordering the machine I’d add some spare limit switches and some belting - they’re cheap, you may very well need them, and shipping is relatively expensive, plus you won’t be in the mood to wait for them when you suddenly need them.

Great points @StevePrior - I forgot to mention the probe and spindle control inputs… they are a HUGE timesaver.

Fit and finish on the X Controller is top-notch as well. You go from an ugly stack of boards \ wires all topped with a fan and spaghetti mess of wires, needing an enclosure, to a sleek black box with all the connections you could possibly want, the big red button, and the professional wire connections.

IMHO the X Controller turned the machine from a machine that looks like you manually assembled it, to a professional looking solution that you’d see in a small shop.

Go look at the other CNC machines out there and compare the average $4000 price tag to the XCarve with XController … the XCarve is the leader of that pack as far as I am concerned.

The Makita RT0700 will fit the X-Carve and works great.
As far as the correct mount from Inventables, I’m not sure as I got my Makita mount locally. I think the standard 611 mount will fit but requires a sleeve to make up the difference in size (1mm or so). Someone here will no doubt correct me.

Consider getting a 1/8" collet for your Makita, much better than a 1/4" - 1/8" adapter.

The other guys have the electrics covered. I’ll add that the MDF “waste” board costs a lot to ship. You can buy a sheet of MDF for less than the shipping fee.