Planing down waste board, but no planing bit in Easel?

I am trying to go through the “Plane your waste board” program, but there is no bit in Easel for the planing bit that came with my XCP, does anyone have some insight as to how to proceed, I am hesitating to run the program, because I don’t know what it will do.

Thank you.

Just enter the exact size of the bit in the “Other” section when you open up the bit setting window.


Brandon Parker

Or select “add bit” at the top and add it to the toolbox and it’ll be saved to that list along with the others :+1:

I tried add a bit and could not find anything resembling the planing bit.
Thank you @BrandonR_Parker for the advice!

A surfacing bit would simply be entered as an endmill, the type doesn’t effect the tollpath however it would normally be entered as a straight type… then you just input the overall diameter.

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