Planing Uneven: Stepover?

Planed a board today using a 3/4" bit: 60 ipm, 9" plunge, .01 DOC. I planed the wasteboard recently so it’s flush to the machine. How can I plane my boards so they don’t have these slight ridges? Decrease stepover % ? My default currently is 40%.

Setup: DeWalt set on 1, 30 min x axis mod.


What type of bit did you use?

Photo 1: Looks like my z axis is square?

If you check out this video… is the only way to deal with this by doing the steel bar mod? I did the 30 min one, but may that’s not enough.

Oh, thanks! Yeah, it’s clear in the back and not front. I think the Dewalt weighs the whole thing forward. I’m going to try to adjust the v wheel nuts, and the slides / mod to compensate for that. If not, I guess I’ll need to do the steel bar mod. :confused:

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There is play. If I lift, with some effort, the z will move up and down. I’m trying to figure how to get rid of that, but don’t quite understand how to fix it…

I had to shim the top of my Z axis out to square it up with the wasteboard:


Yup, that’s about .100" of business card stock. It’s amazing how much of a difference the weight of the 611 made.

Good point.