Planning Cut on Carbon Fiber

I’m starting to plan a cut on carbon fiber using a lightly used 1/16" 2F upcut solid carbide from Kyocera. I’ve read around and people are going around 50IPM, and Q&A says 30ipm plunge. I’m going to go about 40IPM, 16k RPM with the DWP611, 0.003 DOC, but unsure about plunge. 30ipm for plunge seems like a lot, would it be unnecessarily slow to go say, 10ipm plunge?

Also I’ll be using a respirator (need a new filter), air compressor, vacuum, fan, have the machine sitting right next to the window, is there anything else I can do to make this safer besides doing it submerged?


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I would at least wear a mask. Don’t want to breath those fine fibers in your lungs.

If you have a dust shoe and a respirator you’re perfectly fine. Just keep a shop door open or something to let it dissipate.