Planning of waste board

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Been using my x-carve since 12/2020, had minor issues, but now my machine has gone hey wire. I have checked the waste board and it has some minor warpage, I have adjusted my rails and checked for lose bolts and nuts. I need to plane my waste board, and have purchased the bit to plane the board; however, never done this before and have no clue as how to get started.

this might help you, or bore you to death.

(158) Best Surfacing Bit For CNC Router, Spoil Board Resurfacing - Garrett Fromme - YouTube

I answered this one over on the FB post, but do this (video) for the quick fix on the next carve, its a good practice to verify the top is parallel to the spindle plane of XY movement regardless of if the waste board is surfaced or not. . .

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