Plaque for boss retirement

inlayed red heart and purple heart. they were off a little but i mixed some dust and glue filled in space. v carved and used black poly on letters. used pour epoxy and covered entire plaque and key. encased great. had an air bubble pop up from under inlay late in setting stage. had to sand with 3000 grit and polish back out.


Looks great!!!

thanks… learned alot cutting it. ALOT of do nots…lol

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Nice. I’m interested in the sanding and polishing of the resin coating. Every time I’ve tried it, even with superfine wet and dry paper, I can only get a matt surface. Any hints?

I actually had just finished fixing the heaflights on my autos WI think a resto kit made by McGuires…I just used it on it…the sanding pads and the Polish. .worked great