Plastic nails for workholding?

just saw a video of adam savage touring a makerspace and he was as shocked as I was to hear about plastic nails in a nail gun. The guy was using it to attach his workpiece to his CNC machine… that way if someone mills into the nail, no one cares.

that sounds pretty awesome. have any of you tried this?


Looks like it’d be effective.

It also looks like it needs a special nailer to use which is like 300 for the nailer alone…


When I went to the techshop in D.C. they also used plastic nails to hold down their material on the CNC machines. It was very effective and from their perspective saved the bits in the case your machine went into the material beyond what you had planned.

hmm I could 3d print those.

These been around for a few years and for one are popular with boat builders. No damaged blades when hitting them while machining, planing or cutting and no rust or corrosion worries.

Raptor Nails

They are fantastic but cost prohibiting for hobby use :frowning:

I have a brad nailer. I should see about making nails for it

What about a 23ga pin nailer? They have a surprisingly strong hold for such a small fastener, do not have the larger head that brad nails have, and the nail gun can be picked up for $25 at Harbor Freight with a 1" max fastener. There are other manufacturers, that cost significantly more, that will drive up to 2" pins.

I have the 2 in 1 that harbor sells for over 10 years now and I don’t even oil that gun and is also the one that I use to nail my pieces to my sacrificial waste board and that baby is still going strong (18 gauge 2in1 nailer and stapler). I paid $15 for it and over 10 years of pretty descent use, can’t beat that!

I have the same one and the 18 gauge brad nailer…both under $20 each and I have had them for years…still going strong.