[playing with vcarve, but shape centre dissapears!

hello, making a door sign for a neighbor, and playing with vcarve too, but, the middle of the A keeps dissapearing!

tried combining ect, but it just vanishes! even tried making a new shape, triangle, but still, i cannot get it to look right!

its very likely something bleedin obvious, any help?

try selecting just the center of the “A” and right click and choose bring to front. see if that helps also make sure that the cut depth is “0” or at least less than the surrounding area.


Set depth to zero!
Slaps head

Read that and could hear brain cells scream in frustration!

Knew it was something simple!

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So stoked I found this thread!!! I have been trying to get some lettering to carve and keept loosing the center of the A as well and its been doing my head in. Thank you KennethConnell1!!!