Please help...bits are tearing up my designs :(

I’m a brand new user and I’m really frustrated with it at this point. Every design that I’ve tried to complete has messed up on me. I’ve tried multiple bits so I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong at this point.
I’m using 1/2 in birch, the roughing pass was fine but when I tried the detail pass with an Amana 60 degree v bit, it started eating the wood. I used the recommended settings so I’m not sure what else to do. Here are a couple of the pictures of what it’s doing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Looks like you have lost steps at sometime. After your roughing pass did the bit come back to the same point it started at? And did you rezero the bit after the bit change?

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It looks like the gantry moved during the bit swap and was not rehomed after the bit swap (the official reccomended method)

Personally I prefer setting the cnc to always be locked (video below) in position and then you can usually skip the rehoming step as long as your not too hulk with the bit swap and still move it, then you can home before sending the 2nd carvd if really needed…

Also, Plywood isnt the best material for raised designs like that even if the bits are aligned properly… the layers will come free when its reduced into sma sections line that.

I also suggest verifying proper belt tension and vwheel adjustments per these instructions.

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I did rehome it after the roughing pass, did the z probe and I used the same x and y settings as the first pass. I don’t think that anything was different between the two passes other than the bit change.

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I agree with

but i slao can see you have lost steps or did not get back to the original x and y point.

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Hmm, could there be a Rouge design element of to the left that caused the cnc to crash into the left side and lose steps by like 1/4" :man_shrugging: cause if your 2nd carve was at the correct origin then the step loss must have happened somewhere…

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