Please Help! Newbie - "Outside Path" question

Hello there -

I am new to this software. I have a relatively easy job I am trying to cut with an XCARVE PRO. It is a jewelry box I am creating for my products, and I am hoping to do them in large quantity so I want to be able to cut as many as possible on the same workpiece. TOPS and Bottoms, so the wood matches etc.

My question is this: After I design the piece, I want to cut along the perimeter of the piece, with tabs, to be able to pop the piece out after the cutting is complete. I set a cut on the OUTSIDE PATH, and cut the depth of the piece. The TABS are automatically in place on the outside path, but the inside design (where I am cutting the perimeter around) returns to it’s normal height.

For instance, I have a 1" x 24 x 24 piece of wood. I am cutting a 7x7x.75 base for the box, with a 3" hole in the middle. When I finish designing this, I set the OUTSIDE path and the .75" dimension returns to 1" (the setting for the wood).

What is going on here? Is there a way to design my piece, and just set a perimeter cut? PLEASE HELP ME, I AM NEW TO THIS!

Also, Let’s say I don’t cut the OUTSIDE PATH and instead just put a “square” around the box and cut down the full depth of the board, around the shape I am trying to create. WILL THE Xcarve pro automatically make tabs for me? Or is this something I have to add? I have done this now and the tabs ARE NOT showing up. Please see these pics that show no tabs. THANK YOU so much for your help!

IF that outermost square is set to a “clear out a pocket” cut type, then no, tabs cannot be added.

IF you set the cut type to any of the other 3 options of Inside, Outside, or ON Path, then you will see the tabs option appear once the depth is set to full depth.

Unfortunately the simulation material does not display tabs, however, if you run the simulation and zoom in, and Hide the material , then you can see that the toolpath will in fact include lifts for the tabs as intended.

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Thank you so much for the response - yes I see what you mean. And I see the tabs appear when I do select “cut outside shape path” - the issue is that the shape disappears. I cannot edit the existing shape. SO Yes, I cut around the “shape” but now I want to lower the shape down some, and create designs on the inner part of it. If create a square shape, then “cut outside shape path” on that square shape; how do I edit the inner shape?

Here is a pic before I “cut outside shape path” - you can see that it is a lid, the design is a 1/2 thick lid with a 1/4 recess cut along edges so it fits inside base of box.

Below is a picture after I add the “cut outside shape path” option.

You can see, the design has totally changed! I just want to design the piece to the exact size and cut along the perimeter.


Here is a good example of the lid that I want to create. I put an outer box around the design, moved it to the back of the design, and then set the depth at full. you can see the lid is suspended in the center with NO tabs.

Also I added these tabs on my own. Would something like this be ok? Would they actually work??

They’re no different than the tabs easel makes, yes, they would work.

That said, duplicate the square that makes the larger part of your lid and set that duplicate to be cut on the outside.

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This, Exactly This. . .
Take the outermost square, make a copy of it (or use the offsetter V2 set to 0 amount of offset)
Set the top one to “cut outside path” at the full depth (to get the tabs) and set the lower one to “clear out pocket” cut type at the lip depth

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Thanks so much for your responses - yes, I had this thought. Here is the issue I had with that. It does not seem like a very precise cut. There are either four small posts on each corner as seen in the pic below OR there is a small very thin wall that stays on the outer edge of the final piece. Very thin.

I am just worried that after I cut, the piece won’t be precise. Is this normal? will those small posts just break off?

Very sorry for how NEWBIE this is. I work a lot with 3D printers and I had the same issues when trying to learn that software. Appreciate all the help

The perimiter cut will be precise (assuming the cnc is calibrated)

Those nibs are left from the radius of the bit as a result of the inner grey part, make that larger by the diameter of the bit being used, ans make sure the cut is on top of the grey pocket part abd those nibs will be eliminated.

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