Please help on identifying Model

Found a used Inventable at an Everything must go liquidation sale and the Seller knew nothing about it. Does anyone know if this is the old model or the updated model.

It is not the old model but not the updated model either.


this is the pre-nov 2021 X-Carve without any upgrades that came out in Nov 2021.

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What do I need to make if the most current one with the upgrades ?

Go up to the top where it says shop then click on xcarve upgrades and you will see what all you can get.

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AND if you want the new wasteboard design as well then add This too:

Thank you for the info. Do you recommend I buy the Makita router upgrade as well?? I’ve read a lot about issues on changing the bits out. I’m fixing to check out so please advise if I should buy the Makita router as well. Thank you

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