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There are probably loads of posts like this, but I’m unable to find any that are step-by-step guides, please link some if you know of any.

I bought a Carvey and it arrived on Tuesday. We followed instructions, we used a 1/16 upper cut fish tail bit on a piece of 18mm. It snapped half away through. I thought, well maybe I’m using the wrong bit but my partner tells me “No, everyone on this forum is saying the bit is fine, they’re all using it without a problem”.

I ordered another 1/16 upper cut fish tail bit last night and it came today. Same thing happened on the same design, in the same place, it also dragged the bit across the design causing it scratches on the MDF. I’m guessing this is a fault with the design.

However, when I swapped it over for a piece of 3mm acrylic and a 1/32 upper cut fish tail bit - it instantly broke, it made a small dot and then snapped.

What is going on?? …I didn’t change any of the recommended settings on Easel but understand this may be causing the problem, however I cannot find any posts relating to this.

Please help, as you can imagine I’m really gutted and have lost out on about £35.00 already from buying bits.

All I’m thinking in my head is “Please, please, please don’t be anything like the Lulzbot Mini that kept failing”.

In most cases, if you’re breaking bits, it’s because you’re pushing it too fast or too deep. What feed rate and depth of cut (DOC) are you using and what material?

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You can also do a dry run (no bit) and observe it’s behavior. Watch how far it plunges into the material, how fast it moves when ‘cutting’. (cutting motion is slower then re-positioning, which raises the bit clear of the material)