Please move the Confirm/Use last buttons

I have a laptop dedicated to my x-carve, and I use the touch pad on the laptop as the mouse, which often takes a single mouse click as multiple mouse clicks.

Since the button for confirming the current work position is in the same location as the previous material is secure button, this means that fairly frequently I end up confirming the position when I wanted to use the last home position.
Then I have to re-zero the Z, which is not just extra work, but also less accurate.

All that would have to happen is for those buttons to be moved to a different location than the previous buttons, that way the inadvertent mouse press wouldn’t do anything.


You can use browser plugins to adapt easel. If you want to change something with javascript code, I suggest tampermonkey. If you want to change something with CSS, stylebot may help:

It sounds like your trackpad settings need to be adjusted. I’d maybe try setting it so that tapping on the trackpad doesn’t click the mouse, only the buttons do that.

I sort of hate trackpads in general, but I don’t really have a place to put a mouse.
I’ve already changed the settings so that only buttons will send a click, but it still double taps. I think I’ve adjusted the delay, but I’ll look again.
Regardless, occasionally I’ll click through too fast, since you will lose the previous work position if you click the wrong button, you really want the UI design to encourage the user to have to think (at least a little) in this particular case.


I’m sorry, but I don’t agree that your particular hardware issues are a global UX/UI problem.

I also like to believe that when I’m dealing with an automated power tool that could seriously injure me without skipping a beat, that I take the time and go slowly through the setup process. Best practices and whatnot.

It seems like you’re having issues with your computer and asking Inventables to rewrite their interface to accommodate you, then coming up with a safety-based use case to justify it.

Well, that was an unexpected response.

It’s hardly a hardware “problem” that is unique to me or my setup, many of the track pads used in laptops exhibit a certain behavior.

Look, this is part of what I’ve been doing for a living for over 30 years, so it’s something that I know about.
I suspect (based on the wording of your response) that you do too.

There is a general school of thought about UI design that says don’t make the user think, and I generally agree with that.
However, in my opinion there is a valid exception to that rule which says that if the thing they are about to do has an irreversible effect, you should try to make them think, at least a bit.

I don’t really want to argue about it, and perhaps I’m overreacting to your response, but I made a request, Inventables is free to act on it, or ignore it, as they see fit.


Oh, and I never suggested that this was a safety issue, it is “merely” a data loss issue, in that if I make a mistake here, I have to reset my work home, which may introduce a loss of precision.


I’m not trying to argue really, and I apologize if I came off that way.

OK, no problem, like I said, maybe I read too much into it.

Anyway, there are a couple of different use cases about why I think it would be a generally good thing for the series of carve steps to not have all the “OK” buttons in the same places, only one of which has to do with trackpads.

When I can get to the machine again (possibly next week), I’ll try again to make the trackpad/button settings useful, but I’ll probably also try tampermonkey to move the buttons.
Sometimes my fingers hit the OK button before my brain has a chance to scream NO! :innocent: