Please Share EASEL Roadmap

May I propose that Inventables share the EASEL release roadmap for the community to see, provide feedback and possibly signup for beta releases.

You have a captive audience who have a passionate and vested interest in this product.

Thank You


Agree 1000% - I was thinking earlier tonight about all the upgraded machines out there, mine included, and at a certain point you don’t have an XCarve anymore. However, the HEART of the machine, Easel and the X-Controller \ GRBL shield configuration, stay the same (at least for me) and so I’ll always call it an XCarve.

Seeing how apps like VCarve etc… all cost a good deal of $$, the cost of Easel (free) is incredibly appealing and something I’d like to help keep both free and continually improving. I cannot speak for others, but I have a coding background, and work for a software company, so I’d be happy to help in ANY way possible to improve Easel and make it the cornerstone of the XCarve \ Inventables solution that doesn’t rely on any specific hardware.

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