Plunge rate, differentiate up/down speeds

The plunge rate is now with the beta tool path optimized to reduce time on Z-axis movement, especially noticeable when doing tabs. However, the pull up speed could be much quicker than plunge speed. Would be easy to implement?
Plunge speed = downward speed, pull-up speed = much faster opt./max Z-speed.

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I wouldn’t know either :wink:

3D cut i think ?
if the rounded bit is milling folowing the form, and “climbing” (in the z axis…) not easy to explain…
like in a finish pass…(depend the gcode…)

well it will climb too fast !

let’s make 2 profile:
normal with up speed > down speed
3D with up speed = down speed

edit: thoses speed aren’t set in the program who do the g-code ?
if yes my message is useles…

but what about in the future if easel can 3D easier ! :scream:

As long as the milling speeds is differentiated from plunge/extract that shouldnt be an issue - but I understand what you are thinking.

I noticed this last night (cutting a few deep mortises). A simple setting button next to plunge rate would be really cool. Let’s call it “extract” or “retract” rate. I bet those Easel guru(s) could do this on their lunch break. :slight_smile:

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It should not affect 3D milling if the up speed is increased in operations that only consist of moving the Z axis.

I’d like to see this implemented.

Thanks for the feedback. Let me discuss this with the team.

In addition to this, would it be possible to add a retract height option? Useful if you need to clear clamps or fences on the way back to “home” …

Specified under Safety Height in Easel. (default is 3,8mm)
Easel → Machine → Advanced

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